Equipment & Motor Vehicle Finance


What can be financed?

You can lease anything you use at least 51% of the time in your business. 100% finance is available on items such as those listed below:

Vehicles (new & used)
  • Cars
  • 4WD’s
  • Utes
  • Trucks
  • Buses 
Office Equipment
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Photocopiers
  • Fax Machines
  • Phone Equipment

Farming Machinery
  • Tractors
  • Air seeders
  • Boom sprays
  • Harvesting equipment

Commercial Equipment
  • Cranes
  • Dump trucks
  • Bobcats
  • Excavators


Leasing advice

Leasing through Sterling Financial Group can help you:

  • Free-up capital – Why buy equipment and pay the entire cost upfront when it could take years to reach its full earning potential? We can organise leases with a favourable repayment structure tailored to your needs.
  • Avoid inflation and currency movements – fixed repayments / rentals allow you to purchase equipment at today’s prices and precisely plan your future budget.
  • Save time and money – we compare quotes (and ensure there are no hidden fees) and do all the paperwork for you so you can obtain finance within days.
  • Pre-approved credit limits can also be arranged. This is simply pre-arranged finance that enables you to effectively plan for your future finance needs so you can shop around for the asset you require with peace of mind.
  • Maximise your depreciation and tax deductions - SFG will look at your business's overall circumstances to structure an equipment finance option that will help you minimise your tax bill and maximise your profits.
  • Claim back the entire GST quickly in your next BAS - SFG is ideally positioned to advise you on the most tax-advantaged way to claim back the GST on the asset, quickly and efficiently.


Types of leases

Finance Lease
A Finance Lease is an agreement whereby the financier owns the goods and you rent these goods from the financier. You must show the lease on your balance sheet as an asset with a corresponding liability. Finance Lease agreements must have a residual or lump sum which represents the potential sale price of the goods at the end of the lease term.

Novated Lease
A Novated lease is the only equipment finance product where the asset does not need to be used for at least 51% business use.

A Novated Lease agreement is where an employee leases a car and then sub-leases (novates) it to their employer who pays the lease rentals. The employer agrees to have the lease novated to them while the employee remains in their employment. The employee remains fully liable for the debt and failure of the employer to pay the rentals constitutes default.

Operating Lease
An Operating Lease is a pure rental agreement, with no documented residual (however, the financier may in fact take the risk of covering the residual). The goods can be returned to the financier when the agreement expires.

As Operating Leases are usually written for terms significantly less than the useful life of the equipment, the financier should be in a position to sell at a profit or extend the lease at the same monthly repayment. The outstanding debt to the financier is reduced so the effective interest rate for the extended period is far higher than the original term. These extended lease rentals are referred to as "Inertia Rentals".

Asset Purchase (Commercial Hire Purchase)
Under an Asset Purchase agreement assets are technically hired until the last payment of the agreement is made, at which point the user receives full title and becomes the outright owner.

Depending on business usage, the interest portion of the regular repayments and depreciation can be claimed as tax deductions.
Chattel Mortgages are designed to allow clients using cash based accounting to claim back the full GST payment in their next BAS return.

Please note that as the financiers have to register a charge on the asset, the turnaround times for chattel mortgages are greater than lease/asset purchase. The financiers must receive original paperwork before settlement.

Consumer car loan
Sterling Financial Group Pty Ltd also provide a consumer car loan which is captured under the Asset Finance Credit Guide.

Leasing Providers and preferred finance
Some items are regarded poorly as security such as boats, planes, office furniture and fittings etc. Contact our team at Sterling financial Group to ascertain whether the goods you wish to finance are acceptable security.

Similarly, some clients are regarded as a poor risk, such as owner-drivers with only one vehicle, those who have been previously declared bankrupt or have a poor credit history.

Taxation & Technical

Sterling Financial Group Pty can give you advice on the taxation finance that will best suit your needs.  With our specialised team we can assist you in making a decision that will allow you to obtain the maximum taxation benefit through your vehicle and equipment purchase.

Muscle Car Finance

Are you a Muscle Car and Classic Car enthusiast wanting to own your own dream classic but don’t have the available funds?  Sterling Financial Group can help you to achieve that dream.

Muscle and Classic Cars are becoming out of reach for many true motoring enthusiast due to the classic car boom.  For your customers who wish to purchase that classic or muscle car we have a solution for them.

A prospective buyer does not have the available funds to purchase a classic vehicle then they can apply for finance at very competitive interest rates without having to use the equity in their home.

Please contact Pat Soldo (CPA) on (03) 9466 0290 or Elena Babo (Leasing Manager) on (03) 9466 0250 and find out how Muscle Car Finance can help your business sell more cars or

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