Corporate, Personal Superannuation & Self Managed Superannuation Funds

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Corporate superannuation

Looking after your company’s super fund can be as much about frustration as administration.  Maintaining your employees super fund can be costly, time consuming and laborious. However, a quality superannuation fund for your employees is vital to the success of your business for 2 reasons:

  • Your employees are your greatest assets, so attracting and retaining key staff contributes to the success of your business.  Offering a valuable superannuation scheme, which helps care for their financial future and demonstrates your loyalty to them and encourages the same in return.
  • Having an efficient business super solution is time and cost effective, saving you resources – helping your profitability.

As professional accountants and qualified financial advisers, we can offer both you and your employees a complete financial solution at no additional cost to you.  Plus, it will be a high-quality superannuation service that your employees will value!

Sterling Financial Group can offer you a “super” business solution, which includes:

  • Easy-to-use online access.  Make contributions, add new employees and amend employee details.
  • Tailored advice.  With a dedicated financial adviser for your firm, both employer and employees can receive superannuation advice.
  • Fast administration.  A choice of fund providers giving you access to a dedicated Account Manager.
  • Reduced insurance costs.  When employees buy personal insurance via their corporate super fund.
  • Access to various fund managers.  Gives your employees a wide choice in superannuation investments.

Our Corporate super solutions provide your employees with:

  • Access to various fund managers – which allows your employees to have a wide choice of superannuation investments;
  • Easy-to-use systems – you receive access to an internet based system which allows you to submit contributions, add new employees and amend employee details:
  • A qualified, dedicated financial adviser - who can provide professional service and a complete financial solution tailored to your employees needs;
  • Easy administration – you receive a choice of fund providers that gives you access to a dedicated Account Manager;
  • Insurance – which is tailored to your employees needs; and
  • Support – you receive access to a hotline, with dedicated team ready to assist you.


Super Choice

Super Choice has delivered more options, but has also left you, and your employees with more questions than answers.  We can advise on the most appropriate personal or corporate default superannuation fund for you, your employees or your business.  We can also help answer any questions you may have on Super Choice, superannuation or retirement planning.

Personal Superannuation

Regardless of whether you are young or old, you must consider your superannuation strategy now for the future.

In fact, the younger you are the easier it is to grow your nest egg. You will be thanking yourself in the future for your financial wisdom!

Sterling Financial Group can help you:

  • Determine how much super you will need in retirement.
  • Choose a superannuation fund that suits your risk profile and retirement goals.
  • Choose a super strategy and discuss ways you can boost your super contributions tax-effectively via salary sacrificing etc


What is Self managed superannuation fund?

The Basic definition

A superannuation fund is a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) if it meets the following conditions:

  • Has less than 5 members;
  • Each individual trustee of the fund is a fund member;
  • Each member of the fund is a trustee;
  • No member of the fund is an employee of another member of the fund, unless those members are related;
  • No trustee of the fund receives any remuneration for his or her services as a trustee;

A SMSF can also have a company a trustee (known as a corporate trustee) if:

  • Each director of the company is a member of the fund;
  • Each member of the fund is a director of the company; and
  • the fund has less than 5 members; no member is an employee of another member (unless related) and the trustee does not receive remuneration for their services as a trustee.

The requirements that all members be trustees ensures that each member is fully involved and has the opportunity to participate in the decision-making processes of the fund. This promotes true self-management. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will regulate funds that meet the definition of the SMSF.

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