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A financial plan is the best way to make sure your finances meet your immediate and future needs.

A financial plan outlines your goals and how you will financially achieve them. It can include:

  • An analysis of your financial situation covering your income, debts/loans, spending habits and level of current savings.
  • Review your wealth protection needs and ensure you are adequately covered.
  • Tax-effective wealth creation strategies using investment vehicles, tailored to your individual financial needs.
  • Retirement planning strategies to maximise your superannuation and ensure you save enough for a comfortable retirement.

You don’t need to wait until tax time to do a financial plan. Contact us and start your financial plan now!

Financial advice

Sterling Financial Group offers advice on a wide range of financial needs. This includes:

  • Wealth creation – investing, platforms, managed funds, stockbroking.
  • Wealth protection – life, TPD, trauma and income protection insurance.
  • Retirement planning – superannuation, income streams, Centrelink entitlements
  • Debt management – home and investment loans, loan refinancing, equipment finance for businesses and consumers
  • Tax-minimisation strategies – strategies to reduce the tax you pay and build your wealth.


Investment reviews

Successful investors know that the only way to ensure they achieve their personal financial goals is to regularly review and fine-tune their investments. Not having your investments regularly reviewed can cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxation, poor performance and missed opportunities. That’s why Sterling Financial Group offers an investment review service.

Our investment review service provides you with the power and flexibility to make calculations and projections on proposed changes before they happen. Before you make a decision to change your investment portfolio you can see for yourself how your financial future might look.

As part of the service, your Sterling Financial Group adviser provides you with accurate and up-to-date reporting on your total investment portfolio. This information is then regularly reviewed with you to ensure your investments and the strategy behind them, remains on-track to reach and achieve your goals.

Even if you think your plan and investment strategy is effective, let us review it. We may just surprise you. Sterling Financial Group is uniquely qualified to give tax-effective wealth creation advice and look to for ways to help you reach your goals sooner.

We can review your:

  • Superannuation strategy – ensure you are saving enough for a comfortable and financially secure retirement.
  • Investments – analyse what can be done better.
  • Review your insurance needs to ensure your wealth creation strategy is protected.
  • Identify any financial risk areas not meeting your wealth creation goals.


Retirement planning advice

Whether you are retired, close to retirement or it’s a fair way away, retirement planning is essential for all Australians.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I know how much money I need to live a comfortable retirement?
  • Do I know the best way to fund my retirement?
  • Is retirement too far off to start worrying now?
  • What is salary sacrifice?
  • When can I access my super?
  • What are my options when I retire?
  • Will I pay tax on my super if I take a lump sum?
  • What are the different types of income streams I can access in retirement?
  • I’ve already retired and I’m just living off what I’ve managed to save.  Will this money run out or can I change my strategy even now?

If you don’t know the answers to these are other questions then you could well be on your way to a financially difficult retirement (or you may already be there!). Your future doesn’t have to sound so gloomy if you take action now.


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